22nd Annual Malone Dodson Golf Tournament

Malone Dodson Golf Tournament

Tournament Rules

Ft. Lauderdale Scramble Format


All four players on the team hit their tee shot. Men hit from the blue tees except those 65 and older. Men 65 and older hit from the white tees. Ladies hit from the green tees. Select the best drive for the second shot. All four players hit from the location of the selected drive. Continue this format until the hole is completed. Record the team score.


The Official RUMC Handicap System for

The Malone Dodson Golf Tournament

(Revised 2011)


Average 18

Hole Score

USGA Handicap


RUMC Handicap


101 and up



93 to 100

15 to 19.9


86 to 92

10 to 14.9


81 to 85

5 to 9.9


76 to 80

2 to 4.9


71 to 75

0 to 1.9


70 and lower

All +




To Determine Team Handicap: Calculate each player's RUMC Handicap Index and then add all four players' RUMC Handicap Indices together to determine Team Handicap.


Each Team Maximum Handicap is -8 or +8

Note: Based on the Official FCA Scramble Handicap System


Designation of Players for Contests

Players are designated as A, B, C, or D based on their handicap or average 18 hole (Par 72) score as follows:               

          A         0-13           Handicap        or         72-85        Average Score

          B         14-18         Handicap        or         86-90        Average Score

          C         19-24         Handicap        or         91-96        Average Score

          D         25+            Handicap        or         97+           Average Score

These designations will be used for all contests except the hole-in-one and “Beat the Preach” contests.


Collared shirts must be worn.  You may want to bring rain gear, too. 

Event Sponsorships
We encourage you to look at our sponsorship packages.  There are opportunities for every budget and good intention.

There is ample parking at the clubhouse.

Weather Cancellations
Please contact the clubhouse for cancellations.

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